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Long overdue, the Entry Clean™ Mechanical Doormat will be a must have for any home, business, or medical facility.

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Clean and Healthy!

The oscillating brushes can be treated with anti-bacterial gels that will kill bacteria and help stop the spread of sickness.

Patented Technology!

Entry Clean™ Mechanical Door Mats have been patented through the United States Patents and Trademark Office.

Evolution of Clean

Learn about inventory Benny Williams and where he got the idea for his revolutionary idea!

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    Entry Clean : Revolution In Preventative Cleaning.

    Entry Clean has introduced a revolutionary concept in cleanliness.

    The most common method of preventing unwanted dirt from entering the home is the doormat. In every corner of the world you’ll find one of these timeless accouterments guarding our floors from mud, dust, and an amalgamation of unclean bits that seem to ceaselessly find their way into our homes. Why have we never stopped to consider how futile it is to drag our feet across a mat that will only fill up with more dirt? Over time, this method becomes ineffective as most mats will fill up and allow the debris to be pulled in.

    Inventor, Bennie Williams, has developed a remarkable new product that will revolutionize the way we look at home cleanliness and comfort! The Entry Clean Mechanical Doormat will eliminate and mitigate the problem of tracking dirt, pollens and other unwanted substances into homes and businesses. 70 percent of all dirt and other unwanted substances in our homes and businesses are being brought in from outside. The old doormats that only a do a partial job are now obsolete!

    How does it work?

    “Entry Clean Mechanical Doormats contain a photo sensor that activates whenever the user steps onto  the mechanical doormat, causing the brush and vacuum to come to life and remove the dirt right off the soles of the shoes!”