Meet Bennie

Where did the idea for the Entry Clean System come from?

The idea for the Entry Clean System actually happened during church. The sermon was comparing physical cleanliness to spiritual cleanliness. In the text of the sermon Queen Isabella, of Castile, who furnished Columbus’s journey east, was said to have only bathed twice in her life; at her wedding and coronation. The sermon went on to suggest that we learned all about cleanliness from the East, Asia in particular. The ancient Samurai were reported to have taken up to seven baths a day. All this information  sparked a thought – What is the first thing that you do when you enter an Asian household? You remove your shoes! The idea for the Entry Clean System evolved from this line of thinking.

Getting Started

Once the idea was formulated in my mind I sat with a pencil and paper and started drawing. After I drafted the first prototype on the first patent. I reached out to a local machinist and together we built the first Entry Clean System. For the creation of the second prototype I contracted a group of Seamen’s engineers. We would meet around my dinner table and bounce ideas off each other. Eventually, we had the idea for the second patent. Axis Manufacturing in Rockford, TN did all the machine work to the second prototype.