The Entry Clean System

Be a part of the revolution!

Long overdue, the Entry Clean Mechanical Doormat will be a must have for any home, business, or medical facility. Entry Clean Mechanical Door Mats have been patented through the United States Patents and Trademark Office. The ability to use these machines in many varied applications, has made them unique in the field of public and personal sanitation.

Dirty floors affect everyone. Not only are they unsightly but they can pose significant health and safety risks to our patrons, patients, children and pets! Imagine unknowingly carrying in glass shards or pebbles that your child or furry friend might pick up and injure themselves with. The Entry Clean Mechanical Doormat helps to significantly limit that kind of dangerous debris from ever reaching the interior of the building.

Bennie believes that the Entry Clean Mechanical Doormat will be hugely successful because, of course, it make perfect sense!

What applications can the Entry Clean Mechanical Doormats be used in?

The answer: any establishment that has a doorway and hates unwanted dirt!

Hospitals will benefit from an Entry Clean Mechanical Doormat at the entry of any ward. The oscillating brushes can be treated with anti-bacterial gels that will not only clean the dirt and debris from the shoes of visitors and medical professionals but kill bacteria and help stop the spread of sickness. The oscillating brushes also greatly reduce the risk of injury. No need to worry about shoe strings or straps being caught!

Home owners will also benefit from this feature and enjoy a reduction in sweeping and mopping. They’ll also have the piece of mind of knowing that their loved ones and pets are less likely to be injured from outside contaminants.

Businesses will find they spend less time worrying about the cleanliness of their entry ways and less money on monthly cleanings.

Interested in investing?

Contact Bennie to get more information on the patented Entry Clean Mechanical Doormat and how you can be a part of the Entry Clean Revolution! Your investment will help put the Entry Clean System on retail shelves!

Only those serious about revolutionizing the way we approach cleanliness and investing in a serious business relationship should reach out.